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Francesca Abela Tranter


Veronique Vella


Joe Smith

A metaphorical dance inspired by whomever, or wherever we are born, we are all made of the same brain matter.  Fact, the average person has between 50,000 thoughts per day. With this amount of nonsensical inner traffic and congested lives, how open, available, can we be? It controls sensory integration, thought, voluntary movement, language, reasoning, perception, and memory. When we are not so full of thought, other parts of us surface, laughter, generosity, gratitude? When our awareness is not so crowded perhaps instead of anger there the steady flow of thinking a thick filter between our thoughts and feelings, constant mental traffic prevents us from seeing clearly, and listening, an incoherence in the train of thought that drives one mad, or is it that the thought just gets stuck there, and keeps presenting itself over again forever?

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