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The Evening Space & Dance On The Move

The evening space is an official outreach programme offered by the Department of Dance Studies of the School of Performing Arts University of Malta. This outreach programme provides a space that unites dance training, creation and performances at the Dance Studies Studios in San Ġwann, offering open Ballet classes, Contemporary Techniques, Workshops in movement exploration both physically and mentally challenging.


It houses a well-equipped dance studio that is a living contribution to the present active dance scene on the island, a center of creativity and a magnet for aspiring dancers, talented professionals hosting both established and emerging choreographers from around the globe. 


The evening space offers an extensive range of participatory programmes for adults and young people and aspires to help ongoing support for professional development for artists. It is a key venue for the annual Dance Hybrid Malta  and Dance on the Move hosting a wide range of international artists. These platforms have acted as seed beds for developing new opportunities in exploring dance talent, nurturing and supporting existing dancers to keep developing their craft. It helps new initiatives in providing a structure through which artists can successfully continue to train and develop their own careers. Bringing distinctive dance of the highest quality to both existing and new dance friends. 


The evening space offers opportunities for everyone to participate in dance, training professionals and enthusiasts of all ages from 15 upwards. It offers access and support not only to the exceptionally talented but equally to those who simply love to dance. Activities extend beyond classes as the programme seeks to pioneer radical new approaches to dance in our community.  All dance leaders in their fields, will offer the richness of their knowledge and experience the diversity of their work being key players in the unity of a national voice for dance.


Guest Teachers

Christopher Tandy, Nicola Monaco, Celia Amade, Jose Agudo, Joshua Cienfuegos, Marco Di Nardo, Roberto Olivan, Athanasia Kanellopoulou, Volkhard Samuel Guist, Francesca Abela Tranter, Sara Accettura, Lucia Piquero, Kostas Papamathaikis, Pamela Kerr, Dorian Mallia, Gaby Davies, Jorge Crecis, Irina Pauls, Abel Hernandez, Jure Gostincar, Zoe Camilleri, Gabin Corredor, Rosanna Maya, Sarah Vella, Mavin Khoo, Raymond Chai, Paolo Mangiola, Nefeli Asteriou, Ben Shimon, Paola Ponti, Thomas Goodwin, Verve - Katie Hewson & Daisy Howell, Transitions - David Waring, Seth Buckley, Carolos Gonzales, Mara Vivas, Xenia Chatzakou, Paulius Prevelius, Gabriele Farinacci, Cindelle Bouard, Rochelle Gatt, Mathilde Lin, Eugenia Dimeglio, Aline Zora, Julia Lundberg, Charlotte Carpentier, Ricardo Vitello

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