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Encourage and support the creation of dance work by both established and emerging choreographers. To Continue to build wider national and international audiences for modern dance and enhance public understanding and appreciation of this art form and its cultural significance. Provide a professional base for forums , workshops, integrating and disseminating information through artistic exchange.


The festival was launched in 2013 through a series of performances by Mavin Khoo Dance Company; Anusha Kedhar and Rebecca Camilleri accompanied by Renzo Spiteri; Diciembre Dance Group accompanied by musicians Alberto Garcia and Victor Gils; Contact Dance Company; Alegría Dance Company; Junior Dance Company of Bari and Moveo Dance Company

The festival was supported by the University of Malta’s School of Performing Arts, AIS Group, Morgan de Toi, Sound Systems, P. Cutajar & Co and Nexos Lighting.

Workshop Photos

Performance Photos

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