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Teaching Practice

"My passion for teaching was a way of nurturing talent. Engaging in a dialogue with other artists and sharing my interests in cultural connections through the mediums of movement and dance. My curiosity throughout the years has been discovering my own choreographic voice through contemporary dance styles as a female choreographer within my Mediterranean culture."

Francesca Abela Tranter


Release, Floor work & Flying Low

“I base this class on creating patterns and sequences of movement on horizontal and vertical planes, entering and leaving the floor based on floor work/release technique. This leads into introducing the principles of weight and gravity as well as working with a low centre grounded to empower the pelvic area and to be able to move swiftly in and out of the floor. The class is based on a physical approach to floorwork, developing breathing and working on speed and release of energy through the body to activate a cohesion in the whole body and mind. Elements of flying low (Zambrano) technique approaches with some athletics required to challenge the needs of interdisciplinary dance styles.

Cunningham Technique

Francesca’s Cunningham classes introduce the fundamental basic principles of the Cunningham Technique, offering a rigorous form of dance training designed to create strength and flexibility in both body and mind. Cunningham Technique develops clarity through both spine and legwork whilst the torso and legs are used either in coordination or opposition to one another. Spatial awareness is gained by implementing multiple changes of direction within a single phrase, suggesting that any point in space can be the dancer's front. multiple parts of the body move simultaneously in various directions. Built fiercely on the foundation for rhythmic precision and dynamic movement. Francesca combines the innovative and temporal expectations of the technique epitomising the aesthetics of the needs of a versatile dancer.

Choreographic Workshops

These workshops are a platform conducted to help nurture dancers who wish to develop their visions through choreography. The class is guided and supported by established collaborative art practices in crafting, mapping and developing work through pedagogical models. Focus is based on exploring ways how to create movement and develop these ideas through construct. This helps to experience varied levels, through performance as mover, creator, writer and form audience perspectives. Discussions of reflections, critical response and evaluations are incorporated to the holistic learning experience shared with the class. These Classes help develop insight into the demands of choreography as a skilful craft that enables collaborative and devising group work to emerge.

Limon Technique

Class is divided among various physical extremes, focusing mainly on fall and recovery, rebound, weight, suspension, succession and isolation. Breath influences the initiation of movement whilst flow and continuity of movement is carried and connected through the ‘off centre’ body rule. Francesca has developed this class as a fusion of Limon technique elements mixed with flying low technique approaches

Open Classes

Francesca’s technique open classes are fast paced aiming to improve stamina and control through simple and complex moving patterns across the space. The style of work is embodied with the diversity of her training, mostly influenced by her Mediterranean culture and drawn from embodied history which merges into physically demanding style of work.


Francesca leads innovative and energised experiences for all ages and standards. In both technique and compositional sessions. She works with people from various backgrounds, skills, abilities and ages. Her workshops and classes are tailored to the requirements of the specific group or institution. She teaches both technique and theoretical classes as academic modules in vocational education settings for dance study programmes, professional platforms, incorporating coaching and mentoring approaches.

Horton Technique

The Horton technique emphasizes a whole body, anatomical approach to dance that includes flexibility, strength, coordination and body and spatial awareness to enable unrestricted, dramatic

freedom of expression. These are based on 17 set structures. These studies would include exercises to stretch, strength, fortify, change levels through ascents and descents, rhythm, falls, turns, twists, elevations and dynamics.

Graham Technique

Originally trained by Jane Dudley, Francesca has developed a graham class for those wishing to gain an introduction to or deepen their understanding of the Martha Graham Technique. Facilitating guidance into understanding the basic floor work, standing, and traveling exercises which highlight all connections between them. Class is designed for students of all levels who wish to engage in a rigorous course of study in Graham Technique and related disciplines, encouraging the valuable use and knowledge of this style of work to be adapted to the needs of the modern versatile contemporary dancer.

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