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Heiligenstadt... Another World Inside

Concept & Orchestral Score:

Michelle Castelletti 


Francesca Abela Tranter

Music Composition, Production & Sound Design

Renzo Spiteri


Zoe Camilleri


Antony Eldridge

Film & Editing

Emma Tranter & Jean Paul Caruana

Comissioned By

Three Palaces Festival Malta 2020

“Ah, it seemed to be impossible to leave the world until I had brought forth all that I felt was within me.” Heiligenstadt Testament, Ludwig van Beethoven, October 6, 1802: one of the most heartbreakingly poignant and personal, penned by a composer. Taking this as our fundamental inspiration, together with the ghost of Beethoven’s turbulent Grosse Fuge, and trying to get deep into the mind of a composer who is losing the one sense that should be more perfect than any others – his hearing – this interdisciplinary project reflects the essence of “isolation”, through sound, light, movement, internal emotion, and word.


What do we experience when we read this – perhaps even more particularly now, when we are all in “isolation”? Coinciding with the 250th anniversary of the composer, we have explored different interpretations of isolation or solitude: Alone but not lonely; Alone within one’s thoughts; Alone and isolated; Alone and in despair; Cocooned within oneself; Alone in a crowd; Blank face; Deceived by hope; Another world inside; A journey to find oneself; Discovery? What does it evoke to you?

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