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The Murmuring of Trees

Concept, Music and Visuals:

Renzo Spiteri


Francesca Abela Tranter

Managed By

Gaby Giacchino

There are different emotional levels portrayed in The Murmuring of Trees, spanning from trees as a metaphor of recent human experiences as a result of the pandemic, to the contrasting states of nature and trees in Malta and elsewhere. The ‘murmuring’ is an experimental self that lives in and amongst trees, negotiating with different realities through passages of time, from a celebration of longevity to destruction. The more I reflect upon such elements, the more I become aware of the contrasting destinies of trees.


Forests, but also every precious pocket of Maltese countryside that are being eaten away by greed, will never be restored to what Nature has gifted us with. With every tree that’s forever destroyed, a history of untold tales is gone too.

Through in-depth research and time spent with trees, I formulated narratives that are portrayed in the ten tracks that I composed and in the videography that I created for this production. Together they bring about a deeper engagement with the audience, and their content and dynamics have a bearing on the physical language of the dancers." Renzo Spiteri

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