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Jack Gray (New Zealand)


Original score by Eden Mulholland

Poi are traditional folkloric dance instruments used by the Maori (indigenous people) of New Zealand.  They are balls attached to string which are swung and hit percussively on the hands and body.  This unique piece represents the first time a dance fusing poi with other contemporary dance techniques, has been especially created for and performed by a non - New Zealand Dance Company.  Based on the concept of the sea.  The experience of my ancestors sailing across the Pacific Ocean to inhabit Aotearoa (New Zealand) lies alongside my journey to Europe to meet, exchange and share information and cultures.  The questions of commonalities between two island small nations, are reflected in our shared affinity to the ever present sea natural relationship to the land.   The movement draws on the ebb and flow of the tides, and the sensuous nature of the human body out of your control; Deep emotions run like strong undercurrents hidden beneath a calm surface.

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