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Francesca Tranter


Renzo Spiteri


Gerald Zomer

DIASPORA was selected and supported by the Arts Council Malta in collaboration for the Maltese Presidency of the EU 2017 for its thematic approach and perspective based on Migration. Nominated for two awards in Premju tal Arti (Arts Awards) for Best Production of the year and People’s Choice. Whilst creating is inventing, we begin to physically explore, this uncovers and unravels a process of making work through the human body and its imagination and individual history. This process develops a vision and makes it visible and alive. As we do it, we approach it by looking at things with an acceptance that things are already there.


Logic is unravelled whilst the mechanisms of our embodied history structures our story and body of work. Simplicity generates and engages unbelievable complex structures almost frustrating ourselves with the volume of choices we make together about people, dependent and interdependent. It resembles a game, somehow you know the rules, but you do not know how it will develop. This man-made reality gives the humanitarian aspect. Dancers are people therefore how abstract can it get? The Dancers and myself share our stories that reflect society, emotions, civilisation, creating questions that revolve in the results of a choreographic mechanism. We create an environment for it to happen, sometimes we find the answers sometimes we do not, but it’s a way of how we perceive our surroundings, our life and the things that interest and affect us. This is our story.

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