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La Divina Commedia

La divina Commedia.jpeg

Orchestral Score & Concept:

Michelle Castelletti 


Malta Philharmonic Orchestra


Francesca Abela Tranter


Kostas Papamathaikis

Anna Armato 


Darrin Zammit Lupi

Dante’s triptych masterpiece will set the scene for this special experience bringing together sound, movement and light, with select choreography by Francesca Tranter.


Allow Debussy’s Syrinx and the choral gems of Whitacre and Gjeilo to guide you through this passage of love, passion, anguish and hope as we look through the eyes of Dante as he journeys through Mahler’s music. Written when Mahler was aware of his failing heart and his wife’s infidelity, his unfinished 10th Symphony is one of his most passionate and autobiographical creations.

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